Boiler Insurance

Even though modern boilers are designed and built to the highest standards, they do break down and you may need to spend money on parts and labour.

One solution is to take out insurance. Bluefin insurance offer an ‘Annual Safeguard Insurance’ for your boiler. This can be paid for in instalments or a one-off annual payment.

Just select ‘boiler insurance’ from the form on the top left of the page and fill in your contact details, and we will be happy to pass your information to Bluefin insurance. Alternatively, call us on 02890 457 501 or email to express your interest.

Bluefin will then contact you to explain the details. This insurance product is managed and sold by Bluefin insurance. Emo makes no comment on the suitability of Bluefin or its cover. If in doubt please contact an independent insurance broker.