Boiler Servicing

Boilers lose efficiency over time, increasing the amount of fuel you need to burn to get the same amount of heat. This is caused by a number of factors, one of which is the build-up of sludge as a by-product of the burning process.

Boiler servicing will keep your heating oil system in tip top condition and reduce the chance of a breakdown.

That’s why Emo offers boiler servicing to ensure you are safeguarded against costly breakdowns and also to enable you get the most out of your home heating oil. All our engineers are fully trained to give advice and solutions to all your heating issues. So just ask! If we can help, we will. Give us a call at 02890 457 501 or e-mail Please note our boiler services are available in Greater Belfast only.

Efficiency explained

The more efficient your boiler is, the more heat is extracted from the oil burned. So for every 1% fall in efficiency, it is a cost to you of £1 in every £100 of oil used.

A conventional boiler operates at 85% efficiency, so if your boiler is working at 65% efficiency and your house spends £800 a year on fuel – then you are wasting £160 a year!

This shows how important and cost effective it is to have an annual boiler service which costs on average £50 – which split across 12 months is less than £5 a month.


Other ways to avoid breakdowns

There are several ways to avoid the unpleasant prospect of unexpected repair bills. It is important first of all to service your boiler regularly to keep it working at optimum efficiency, but it is also a good idea to take out boiler insurance. And if your boiler is struggling it might be time to consider replacing your boiler for a more efficient Condensing boiler system.