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Put a Personal Message on our Sydenham Road Sign

Interested in putting a message on our sign?

It’s FREE! We change it at 8am every morning, and you can have it for 24 hours.

Email with your message (two lines, 15 characters on each line), your name, your contact number, and the date for your 8am-8am 24 hr message to show.

We recommend booking at least 14 days in advance, due to popularity.

There’s a few rules though.
  1. No commercial, political, sports-club, charitable messages will be advertised; personal messages only. This list is not exhaustive and is at the discretion of Emo.
  2. Your emailed request for a message is only confirmed if you receive notice from Emo of its confirmation.
  3. Messages must be maximum 15 characters per line (including spaces), max 3 lines, although 2 lines will size your message more appropriately.
  4. Emo cannot guarantee your sign will be up at 8am on the booked date, but will strive to meet this deadline.
  5. The sign is electronic and may require maintenance and access, we will try and contact you if your message cannot be advertised for such reasons.
  6. Please don’t take photos of the sign, or stop your car on the carriageway to have a look. This is a very busy road, and it is illegal to park up anywhere on the Bypass.
  7. Finally, keep it clean. It’s a public road. Anyone could see your message!